How To Get Your Website On National Television Cheap

Can you really advertise your websites on National Television for under $100 a month?

I was watching tv and saw a commercial for a cool new website, I saw the URL and ran to my spare bedroom to pull it up on the computer…

I loved the site and soon had my credit card out to place an order, when it hit me… Advertising… like a train at a 1000 miles per hour… Advertising…

I started looking up some stuff.. like how many people watch tv and how much money is spent on home shopping networks and advertising and stuff like that.. direct sales.. I went crazy looking all this stuff up!

And what I found got me to grinning! Because I knew my friends and I were about to make a whole bunch of money on the internet because now for the first time we could advertise our websites to hundreds of thousands of people a day…

So after a sleepless night I charted my idea out and started calling some of my heavy hitter friends in my skype contacts and told them I could get all of their websites advertised on TV …

I told them how I could get them more customers and more sales than they have ever had! I told my new crazy idea to a cool programmer guy in India, a software developer in Houston, Texas, a top advertising executive (at one of the biggest advertising agencies in the World) and a server engineer in Canada…

And darned if I wasn’t able to talk them all into working with me to create a system that would advertise anybody’s website on TV in seconds! There has never been any advertising like this on the internet before..

Imagine right now, your web site being looked at by people all across the United States because they saw a killer tv commercial and raced to look at the web site on the commercial. It is your web site that they see when they type in the URL from the commercial!

If you have ever wanted to make money online? If you must make money online, then do something very, very, very smart. Get involved fast with putting web sites on television commercials!

This is new, this is hot, this is the breaking edge of internet technology, and you can get in at the beginning rather than when it’s too late to actually make any money.

You are not here by accident, you are not here by mistake, this can be your time, you are so close!

Just ask yourself if it make sense to you, and then ask yourself if it will also make sense to just about every other internet marketer out there…

If you are like the rest of us, you just said, Yes it makes sense.. of course.. so??? Why not get a site that pays you huge income for all those other people this makes sense to, too? Right?

How Our Process Works…

Our Television advertising runs across major television networks across the United States and we offer targeted commercials for our advertisers.

Each 30 second commercial spot directs television viewers to a web site This web site appearing is displayed in rotating order out of the current active advertisers.

Go right now and sign up for your free advertising portal & replicated site. Once you log in you’ll get to watch the commercial, and type in your URL to get in the ad rotation.

Hundreds of thousands of people will watch the commercial and then go to the web site on the commercial and when they do, it will be your web site they see! Our ad rotators are super small so you get massive traffic!

Choose to share each month long television commercial run with 15 – 48 other internet web sites it’s totally your choice and it’s all inside, but you don’t get any of it until you get your free account set up at the link below.

You get full stats of what is happening, and you can increase, decrease, pause or stop your advertising at any time you wish, this protects you from ever going over your budget while you are enjoying a constant flood of new visitors to your web site!

Imagine you could be on television for an entire full month advertising run for only $97 dollars for a whole month of advertising on TV!

Your list of new prospects could be past your wildest dreams and your new income from all those sales could make you more money than anyone on your street!

Inside your new members area, you’ll see your new TV commercial, the full schedule and all the shows you get scheduled on.

Ok now to get a free membership so you can log in and check everything out, simply click on link below and you can quickly and easily get your own personal free membership area set up!

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