How To Find Blackberry Phone Deals

Before the year 2002, Blackberry was not known to many people as a fun phone. Research In Motion (RIM) solely marketed themselves to the business market and corporate users. The device had no benefit to the handful of individuals who used the phone for their own personal reasons. The business interface was too involved. The price of the device, when it was marketed to businesses, was much higher than it is now. Blackberry phone deals were few and far between.

RIM geared the Blackberry to the business demographic, because the programs suited business users. They had believed that business users would appreciate always being connected with this device. Being positive that just business users would love to basically have a mini computer in their pocket.

When RIM realized that there were other competitive brands and products out there for the younger demographic and individual user, they gave the phone new life. Giving the phone a new design and some splash of color and fun, they also changed their marketing campaigns towards their new demographic. They have since been redesigning their phone and systems to stay current and to follow trends in the mobile market.

RIM had designed the Pearl Flip, which was designed for those who wanted a smart phone but didn’t feel an open faced larger device was needed. The Storm and the Storm 2 have been competing in the touch screen market for almost two years now. The devices have outdone even the most popular touch screen phones. Then you have the phones with the QWERTY keyboard that keep the Blackberry original design. The style is very similar, but the size has been made smaller for easier use and portability.

One of the improvements has been the keyboard. The keyboard was redesigned to be ergonomically correct to relieve the typical discomforts of often using your phone. The model that broke onto the market with this new design was smartly named the Blackberry Curve. The ergonomic design features the curved up keyboard that is supposed to be much better on your hands and wrists. RIM also came up with their unique SureType keyboard with two letters per key. This is seen on the Blackberry Storm models and the Pearl. It uses the SureType Prediction technology, which is very similar to the T9 Prediction of the older clamshell phones.

Because of it’s sleek and sophisticated design, this phone is very popular. While the phone has some stylish colors for it’s users, a Blackberry is still easily recognized from any angle. Though it changes it’s basic style every once in a while, the signature under style is still easy to be seen. The phones have become very small and very light weight. They are now a joy to carry because of how slim lined they are.

Many features make this phone as user friendly as it is. Not only does it still have those business applications, but it also has many other innovative features for everyone. The speed of the Internet and the fact that it has WiFi connectivity is important. Blackberry Messenger is a unique feature as it offers users a way of connecting and communicating that is always on.

Many wireless companies have great Blackberry phone deals on both older and more newer devices. The phones are very popular that many people take advantage of these deals. Surprisingly, even some prepaid cellular companies are now offering the Blackberry with slightly lower data plan costs. This is definitely the Blackberry generation. No matter what smart phones may try to hit the mobile market, Blackberry will always top them with their technology and design.

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