Google Adsense is for Everyone

The main reason for the meteoric rise in Google Adsense can be found in the rapid implementation of AdSense. It is possible for publishers to get the Google Adsense ads on their site in a couple of minutes. The integration is very easy and you need virtually no knowledge of HTML or coding.

But of course, as you might very well know, AdSense isn’t just profitable for Google. It’s also profitable for the people who use AdWords for their advertising, and very profitable for publishers who use it to make huge earnings. So one would be justified to ask why this is such a good deal for everybody.

AdSense is where it is today, because it gives benefit to everybody in the game. It allows you to exploit a gap in the Internet’s advertising model by using text ads, or by using a search box or by getting referrals. Which method you choose depends on how users will navigate your site.

So AdSense is great because it links together buyers and sellers. Yes, you must give Google the credit for a brilliant idea. They know there are people out there that want to buy stuff and they know there are people who want to sell them what they want. And Google AdSense helps people in both categories to find each other. It works for the AdWords advertisers because their ads go everywhere. Not only will they find themselves listed in Google’s search which gets millions of hits per day, they also get the listing without working as much for SEO and waiting so much.

To add a text ad on your site, you first need to go to Google and register for a free Adsense account. Once you’re registered, login and click on the “AdSense Setup” in Google tab and click the “AdSense for content” link. Google will then guide you through the entire process with previews all the way until you are happy with your ad unit’s setup.

Once you are happy with the design and layout, you can then simply copy the code and paste it into your pages directly. If your theme uses dynamic pages, you should paste this code within your template. That way you will ensure that it gets displayed on any page of your website. You may of course choose not to display Adsense on every page, and this makes good sense. An example of this is your terms and condition page where advertising would be wasted and it may be inappropriate.

What is then left for you to do is get content on your page (provided you didn’t have any already). Google AdSense crawlers will soon visit your site, making sure that the ads displayed are relevant to your site’s content.

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