Earn More With Article Writing Than Pay Per Click

Apparently it is believed that Pay Per Click is the fastest way to earn online but in fact it is not that fast a way to attract customers to your website. As compared to PPC, writing articles is undoubtedly the fastest medium to generate traffic towards your website. There are these following reasons that prove article writing pays back better than PPC.

As long as your articles stays on the website you are supposed to have inbound customers to your websites. The articles stay longer and the customers keep coming to your website. It is quite the contrary with Pay Per Click programs because as soon as you stop paying the websites who place advertising banners at your websites stop giving the benefits and web traffic rate also drops. But it is not in the case of article writing.

Good quality articles with relevant information about your niche are the best source of earning profits without spending any money. It is inexpensive method because usually the websites who publish your articles publish them for free. The number of visitors keep coming back to read your articles as long as they are informative and pertains good quality.

There are more possibilities with article writing job that give you chances to win more clients as well as sponsoring websites. The websites who publish your articles often place the good content on their websites. They advertise your articles by sending the links to your articles in the newsletter which brings more customers to your websites.

Publishing websites promote your work by sending them to their customers in their newsletter. Often this newsletter is forwarded to other friends who also visit your website. Ultimately a circle is drawn which involves customers, the publisher website and your website which helps you to get benefits.

Next comes the part about Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is necessary for building page ranking at search engines. We call it SEO in short which is necessary for the integration of your website. Search Engine Optimization and content writing are dependent on each other. These both techniques guarantee web traffic flowing towards your website. Inbound traffic increases and your website get indexed as top ranking on the basis of this which allows you to earn more profit. More people will come to your website once they see it at top rankings of search engines’ search result pages.

On the contrary Pay Per Click websites can perform this magic for you in the nick of time. Whereas article writing can do wonders in less than expected time frame. It will be useless thence to pay the Pay Per Click websites more when you have cost effective and next to free option to increase web traffic and profits.

Adopting these methods and strategies your website is visited by more visitors and you have to pay nothing at all. All you need is a good web designing and quality content to attract more visitors. Article writing as compared to Pay Per Click is far more cheaper and a permanent source for a guaranteed per month sale and income. It also gives you benefit to expand your advertising to millions of potential customers searching for products on various search engines.

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