5 Reasons To Consider Private Labeling

If you have never heard the term private labeling, it is definitely a smart concept for any business owner to learn about. Many companies use private labeling as it offers them several substantial benefits. Basically, private labeling is simply placing your company label on a product that was created by another company. This happens all the time in the food and beverage industry, but also for products such as cleaning products or even a niche such as wholesale electronic cigarettes. There are many good reasons to consider private labeling.

1. Private Labeling Can Create Loyalty For Your Brand

If you have a shelf full of a product such as wholesale e-liquids, no doubt you sell many different brands. People might be able to find these brands at many other vape shops. But, what if you had a selection of private label wholesale e-liquids or wholesale e-cigarettes? These products would be “exclusive” to your vape shop, no one else could sell them, and they would feature your company’s logo and name.

If a customer tried one of your private label wholesale e-liquids and liked them, they would only be able to come to your store to find this private label product. In addition, the label itself is a constant source of advertising as the customer sees it and so will his or her friends. This can generate buzz for your brand and people might come to the store looking for your exclusive private label products.

2. Private Labeling Can Be Less Expensive

Surprisingly, it usually costs less to have a company provide you with a private label product than it does to purchase brand name products. In fact, you might save as much as 20% or more when you opt for private labeling. Established brands cost money, but with private labeling, you can spend less while building your brand recognition. You can start out by offering a few products with a private label and begin to expand as you build up your brand.

3. Enjoy More Control With Private Labels

Anytime you purchase a brand name product, the company from which you buy sets the price and possibly has restrictions about how you can advertise that you are selling their product. Additionally, they might have other restrictions. On the flip side, a private label is your product. You can advertise any way you choose, display the product anyway you want and set the retail price. In addition, you also control the supply of your private label product. Where someone might be able to find Brand X wholesale e-liquids at 50 different vape shops, your private brand is exclusive to your store.

Your first step in the process is to find a company with a high-quality product that offers private labeling. In some cases, these companies also can develop the label for you. If you are searching for someone to provide you with wholesale e-liquids, there are some vape companies out there that offer private labeling and even will create custom flavor blends just for you.

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