The Purpose Of Creative Writing Journals To Write In

Many people use diaries to keep a note of daily activities. The purposes of a journal go much deeper, with entries that express emotions, responses to events as well as questions and reflections about life. Creative writing journals to write in are often used on a daily basis, offering an important way to develop creativity. Studies have even shown that keeping one even has positive effects on both physical and emotional health.

Through the centuries, we often hear about important men and women who kept journals. Sometimes these have even been published at a later date. Many philosophers, writers, presidents and prime ministers would record their thoughts in this way. Today, the practice of journal-keeping is as popular as ever, despite the digital revolution. There is just something about putting pen to paper that we find therapeutic.

One of its most obvious uses is that it helps us to remember, just like a diary. We have a record we can look back on. However, it helps us to recapture the emotions we were experiencing rather than just the events. Sometimes we are unaware of what was really happening to us at the time but when looking back we start to see patterns and gain insights. We can take past experiences we have written about and understand through the lens of time the impact they have had on our lives.

When first beginning a journal, it is often quite intimidating to know where to start. At this stage one cannot think too much. It is better to just begin putting one word after another without any self editing. Just like a dirty well that has not been used for a while, it may take time to get a flow going. Just as clear water eventually appears, so one finds that thoughts and words become more fluid with practice.

In our world we are constantly bombarded by input from all directions. Taking pen to paper can help us to clarify our thinking. As we start expressing ourselves on the paper, it is like removing the clutter from our minds. Eventually, enough of the clutter is removed to give new ideas and insights room to flourish.

A journal is a safe place to express yourself creatively without fear of failure or criticism. You can relax and allow yourself to play with ideas. You do not ever have to show it to anyone if you do not want to.

It may be considered old-fashioned to keep a journal in this day when just about everyone has a blog. However, a blog is not private and there is something special that happens in the brain when a person puts pen to paper. Problems can be explored, possibilities considered, emotions expressed and creativity stimulated by the process.

Document your struggles and your triumphs, exercise your creativity, release your frustrations and fears. You will feel better for it and studies have shown that such a habit can significantly improve your health. Develop the habit of keeping a journal and you will not regret it.

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