Needing A Joke Explanation Makes It Fall Flat

Comedy is not something that everyone can do. It should be left up to the professionals with a disclaimer that says, ‘Don’t try this at home.’ Especially if a joke explanation is required to understand why it is funny.

If a person thinks they are amusing, but they are not makes it even harder. Children tell their parents jokes and they laugh, so they think that they are humorous. Then these same kids grow up and tell tales that their parents giggled at and find that perhaps they are not as comical as the once thought. Knowing one’s audience becomes tantamount to the joke’s success.

Telling one of these cross culturally is extremely hard to do. Let’s say an American is telling one of these to any other nationality. The American day to day experience is different from other nations, so it is best to focus on a more across the board human experience for the other nationality to understand.

If one is an adult attempting to make a teenager laugh, it would be wise to speak to their generation. Telling something about the 1980’s, in the year 2012 to someone who has not lived in that era has a great chance of garnering one a blank stare and the dreaded eye roll.

Another area that a novice should be careful with is situational hilarity. If it was funny at the time it happened, unless one is skilled in regaling it, it has a huge chance of falling flat. Sticking to common experiences from a human perspective would be best. Don’t be afraid to tap-dance out of the situation as this may get the laugh the person was seeking in the first place.

People find all sorts of things amusing and even if one is comical it may not make others laugh. It is up to the one telling the story to help people see the humor. If it’s a challenge to do so, or a joke explanation is required, it may be well advised to tell something else.

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