Proper Left Hand Violin Hold

Producing that lovely and relaxing sound from a violin may sound, otherwise, impossible for a beginner. If you do not know the chords and proper mechanics, all that you can produce is plain, irritating noise. Luckily for you, you can enroll to a music school where you can be taught to play the instrument starting with the right position to creating beautiful notes and melodies.

The first thing a beginner must learn is the position of the left hand. This is necessary so that you will know the precise left hand violin hold. This is the part where the sound is produced. Some are standing upright straight and some use body arching while playing as part of the performance. Some are even dancing while playing. Lindsey Stirling is an example of a modern day violinist who incorporates dance into violin playing.

This instrument is one of the hardest string instruments to play. It has no frets that are the basis for the keys. And it will be difficult to form the chords with the fingers. In addition, it is also hard for a beginner to hit the note while not straining too much from holding those strings.

In order for you you to learn quicker, you can put tapes to the fingerboard as indication of the keys. This way, you can locate the note more easily. This is a helpful stepping stone until you have familiarized all the chords. But since you still are not that knowledgeable about the keys, frets, and chords, it is better that your teacher or instructor will be the one to put those tapes in their accurate place.

It is also proper to know the ideal posture. It can be beneficial to you not only in terms of producing a more accurate sound but it also benefits your health. You will be guided accordingly by your instructor regarding this.

The thumb must be positioned at the upper back part of the fingerboard. This will support the instrument. The wrists are straight and not pointing downwards or sideways. While the arm is underneath the board. You need to relax and keep that position.

If you are disappointed because you have all the position mechanics right but still could not create a beautiful melody, remember that you are just a beginner. First things first. The rest will come in your next sessions. It is recommended that you stop and position properly your fingers on the board before proceeding to the next chord. Make that a habit until everything comes easy.

Your shoulder, in addition, should also be relaxed. A good posture will help as well in relaxing all your muscles. When you look at the pros, you will see that they look really relaxed that they make violin playing very easy to look at. There are different postures that you will learn in the course of your learning. The balanced and virtuoso postures are some of the basics. They will make you look graceful and elegant. Some positions are simply evoke from feeling the music.

Even if you think you have the talent and the calling for music, it will not be very easy for you to master it. With a lot of perseverance and patience, you will definitely get by just fine. The best way to learn is to learn every bit of it by heart.

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