You Can Learn How To Sing Vibrato

Learning how to sing vibrato is not as hard as you might think it is. What is difficult to teaching someone to sing vibrato using the written word. It is a bit like trying to describe different colors to a blind person. They may very well see colors in their mind’s eye and in their dreams, but how can you possibly compare what they may be imagining to specific colors in front of them that they can not see?

Similarly, to really be able to teach and learn vibrato, teacher and student need to be able to hear each other. The teacher first demonstrates, and then the student attempts to replicate, and the teacher evaluates.

It would still be a huge improvement over written text if there was a situation where the teacher could not hear the student, but the student could hear the teacher; for instance, in the case of a recording. The student should have a recording device so after he tries to replicate the sound file of the teacher’s vibrato example, he could play back his attempt and grade himself.

Learning vibrato is like learning most things. Practice is crucial. It is said that practice makes perfect, but if the practice is done wrong, and person practicing does not know it, then practice is actually making a constant error.

Vibrato can be defined as a fluctuation in the pitch or in the tone of the voice of the singer. The lack of vibrato is simply holding, or sustaining the note without any kind of variation. Most individuals with the ability to sing are able to naturally sing vibrato. Most people are not even aware they are doing it. In fact, many singers can barely singing without using vibrato.

It is similar to the way that individuals who have straight hair are always wishing they had curly hair, and vice versa. The singer who is constantly relying on vibrato would give anything to sing without it, while the singer who can’t sing in vibrato, loses sleep over the matter.

Ideally, you want to be able to sign with and without vibrato. A teacher and some practice can make that a reality for most people who are not downright tone deaf. If you still are not certain what vibrato is, recall some opera music and you will understand. Their vibrato in the opera is through the roof.

An example of a popular singer who naturally sang with a lot of vibrato is Elvis Presley. In fact, the Elvis hit, “It’s Now Or Never”, was a remake of the opera song, “O Solo Mio”. It really showed off his vibrato. As you are learning how to sing vibrato, always remember that fluctuating your voice much too much turns into a yodel.

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