The Reasons Why Movie Downloads Rock

Movie downloads are changing the way we rent movies. In the past, you had to drive to a rental store or to the movie theaters whenever you were in the mood to watch a movie. Today, you can have the latest releases delivered instantly to your computer with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Gone are the days of having to stand in longs lines or suffer through miserable weather.

If you have a DVD player or even pay per view through your cable company, you may be wondering what the big deal is about being able to download a movie from your computer. There are several advantages the internet offers that neither your movie player or cable company can compete with. Here are a just a few of them.

Convenience: Sitting at your computer and ordering a movie with a few clicks beats fighting the traffic to drive across town to the rental store. Since the internet never closes, you can order movies anytime you feel the urge to watch one even if you are getting home after the bar closes. Returning the movies is just as easy. In fact, it’s so easy that you don’t have to do a thing. Most online movie companies allow you to keep your downloaded movie for up to 30 days. When your time is up, access to the movie simply expires.

Variety: Your cable provider or movie store cannot compete with the variety of movies you can download from the internet. At any one time, cable will provide maybe a dozen selections for you to choose from. Movie rental stores routinely move out videos that are not performing well for other releases that may do better. Online you can get any movie you want to watch at any time including DVD versions of your favorite television shows.

Pricing: Renting movies online saves you both money and time. Internet companies have much lower overhead costs which allow them to rent movies at a much cheaper rate. On top of that, you’ll save wear and tear on your car as well as gas. Late fees are a thing of the past too because once your rental time expires access to the movie is simply shut off.

Portable: Perhaps the best thing about online movie rentals is the fact that you can often download the movie to a portable video player. Doing this allows you to take the movie with you wherever you go to watch whenever you want. This includes riding on the bus, waiting in lines, and traveling on long distance trips. Entertainment is just an press play button away.

When choosing an online provider to download movies from be sure you go with a company with a good reputation. There are many places that are selling downloads illegally. The last thing you want is to end up getting in trouble because of a bootleg copy you bought from a questionable company.

Movie downloads are the perfect blend of convenience, variety and savings. It may not be the best thing since pre-sliced bread but there is certainly a lot to love about them.

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