The Motion Picture “Se7en” Is Worth Seeing

This article is slated to introduce you to the film “Se7en, ” or Seven as it is pronounced. Through the course of the upcoming paragraphs, you will be given a proper introduction to this film through a plot synopsis and through some of the influential actors and actresses that made this movie so impacting to so many different people.

Don’t say that you weren’t warned, now. There is going to be a detailed plot synopsis within the upcoming paragraphs and while it might not be laid out how the movie ends exactly, there will be a lot of plot details that are brought to light. So if you don’t want to read into the plot before seeing the film, this is your opportunity because the plot will start being discussed in the next paragraph.

The film begins with a brief introduction to two of the main characters through the film, Detective William Somerset and Detective David Mills. The two have been partnered together and it isn’t long before they are both on the case investigating two very unique murders unlike anything either of them had ever seen before.

The first of these involves a morbidly obese man who was force fed spaghetti until a simple blow to the stomach split him open, killing him. Later, Mills discovers the word “GLUTTONY” written behind the refrigerator. On the other scene, a corrupt lawyer involved in getting guilty people off the hook for a decent compensation was found dead amongst various dollar bills. The word “GREED” was written on the floor here.

It is not a lengthy amount of time before the pieces reveal that these murders are relative to the seven deadly sins from Biblical teachings. So while they have discovered two, that leaves five that have already happened or will happen. Now it is a race against the clock to locate the next victims. This is a pursuit that ends more seconds too late than anything.

To make matters even more obscure, the culprit, John Doe, reveals himself (even turning himself in). He offers to show the detectives Mills and Somerset to the location of the last two victims that had yet to be discovered. They are willing to play along when he agrees to give a full confession that would surely put him away. The last two victims are the last that you might have expected though.

There are powerful performances by Brad Pitt (Detective Mills) and Kevin Spacey (John Doe). Even as impressive as these performances are, they are equally as impacting as the supporting roles from Morgan Freeman (Detective Somerset) and Gwenyth Paltrow as the wife of Detective Mills, Tracy. This all star ensemble brought this chilling piece to the screen unlike anyone else could have. It was as horrific as it was an instant classic and a must-see.

This movie could have possibly been one of the best movies to be released in the 90s and has skyrocketed to become one of the most acclaimed crime dramas of all time. So if you have not seen Se7en, than you should. Be advised, though, this movie is not for the faint of heart and certainly not for children.

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