The Movie Joe Versus The Volcano Quickly Reviewed

Before he was Forrest Gump, before Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks was primarily a comedy star. If you watched Bosom Buddies, you knew that Hanks showed a lot of promise. He may not be considered one of the best actors out there, but he’s always cited as one of the most charming and instantly likable. His early comedies, Turner and Hooch and Big, showcased his talent for making you laugh and his likability, but Joe Vs. The Volcano is one of the all time must movie download.

What makes this one any different? Well to begin with, Big and Turner and Hooch were fun comedies, but Joe Vs. The Volcano is something more. It’s a great comedy, yes, but it’s more than that, even. The movie is sort of a Rocky story. It contains the meaning of life. Hanks begins as an everyman, selling his time for, as he puts it, “Three hundred dollars a week”.

The film starts off with Joe slaving away at a miserable, miserable job. He works in a dismal factory, a disgusting, repugnant block of concrete in the middle of a field of mud, where flickering fluorescent lights, he believes, are giving him cancer. Bo Welch, the set designer for Beetlejuice, created this ugly masterpiece of depression as well as the look of the rest of the film.

Joe, a hypochondriac, goes to a doctor and is told that he has a Brain Cloud, which will kill him in about six months. From here, Joe meets an industrialist who essentially gives him his life back. He offers him a chance to live like a king, die like a man.

The industrialist, played wonderfully in his one scene by Lloyd Bridges, will finance Joe’s trip and all the luxuries he can indulge in if he’ll go to the Waponi Woo and jump into a volcano. The industrialist uses this island for mining, but the people of the island are fearful of the volcano and believe that it needs a human sacrifice every hundred years lest it blow up and kill them all. The chief, finding nobody among his own cowardly people to do the deed, needs Joe to do it.

This scenario gives Joe his life back. From here he becomes more daring, more appreciative of the human experience. Therein lies what makes this movie so special, it’s core philosophy: Stop worrying and enjoy life for what it is, because it’s really pretty great.

The look of the film is similarly wonderful. Bo Welch really sends it out of the park on this one. The film takes place in a sort of fantasy mirror universe of our own. Taking cues equally from Dali and Andy Warhol, the film looks like a living dream.

Interestingly, the original draft of the script (SPOILER ALERT) had the industrialist and the doctor getting their just deserts at the end of the film. It’s probably better that that ending was nixed, as these two characters can almost be seen in a heroic light. While their scheme was dastardly, the fact is that they serve not only as the villains of the film, but as Joe’s saviors as well.

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