An Accurate Review Of The Film Fargo

If you are reading into this particular piece, then chances are, you are looking to learn a little more about the critically acclaimed crime comedy, “Fargo”. While there is a good bit that you might want to understand and consider to truly appreciate this film, this article will help you learn some of the most prevalent of these things.

The main way of doing this, will be through the use of a plot synopsis. By learning the various events of the film, and the most important points in the film, you can be properly introduced to the film. So, through the synopsis, as well as other important factors, you should be able to come away from this article better informed about this film.

The film is set around a man that is in desperate need of money, and hatches a plan for two men to kidnap his wife in order to collect ransom money from his wife’s well to do father. Jerry, the husband is a shady car dealer with a checkered past of bad car deals and numerous methods to make a quick buck.

The problem is, after they part ways, Jerry soon learns that he would not need the money from the ransom they were all to split. You see, a business venture of his just sprouted legs and promised a handsome cash payout. So he desperately tries to contact the kidnappers to call it off, but to no avail. And the next piece of the movie involves the actual kidnapping, which is less than smooth.

Jerry’s original plan was to set the ransom at 80,000 but he changes his mind. He then decides that it would be better to ask his father in law for one million, on behalf of the kidnappers of course. Wade, her father, agrees to pay the amount but refuses to allow Jerry to hand it to them as he wants to meet them himself and give it to them. His actual plan is to kill them both, save his money, and save his daughter all in one fell swoop.

The whole thing gets botched, and Wade ends up dead and one of the kidnappers is seriously wounded. He leaves with the whole million, and buries what isn’t the 80,000 that his partner is expecting. Back at the hideout, the wounded kidnapper learns that the other killed the wife. They begin to argue over who gets the car and soon the one who was already wounded is dead as well.

The police arrest the other, as well as Jerry for orchestrating the whole thing. The film is a depiction of the debauchery of money, the deadly levels that it can drive people to. Powerful performances take this film from being good to being exceptionally great. Performances from William H. Macy (Jerry) and Steve Buschemi as one of the kidnappers.

So, to learn about this film “Fargo”, you had to learn the plot a little better. Hopefully, this article was some help towards that end, though there is much more to see and appreciate on your own concerning the film. So if you haven’t seen it, you really should.

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