An Interesting Review The Movie Hit Exiled

If you’re looking for an action flick that’s a little different from the usual shaky cam and incoherent running and shooting, Exiled may be the answer. It belongs on any movie downloads queue for the way that it manages to create a strange, dreamlike trance in its action through slow motion and unpredictable developments.

Years after a top ranked lieutenant in the Triad betrays his boss, the boss, played by Simon Yam, sends a pair of hitmen to take him out. Meanwhile, two members of the gang come to protect the man. These characters were all friends in the gang, and it’s out of duty that the two hitmen come to kill their old partner. They come to a compromise and decide to pull off a big score to support the man’s wife and child before settling their conflict.

These characters are all friends since their youth, and there’s a sense of warmth and sentimentality as the five characters come to a compromise and decide to honor friendship before duty. They decide to pull off a big score to help support the hero’s wife and child before settling their differences. The result is something much more personal than the usual “It’s Just Business” approach to violence in gangster movies.

The movie was directed by Johnnie To, the Hong Kong legend, who came out with his first films around the same time as John Woo and Ringo Lam were defining the Heroic Bloodshed genre of HK action flicks. Where those earlier films were defined by the anger at the Chinese takeover of the city, this one has a sense of forgiveness, compassion and understanding, having been made after the takeover.

The film really feels like a dream, with slow motion shootouts taking several minutes while only carrying about thirty seconds of action were they to be shot in real time. One incredible sequence has a character throwing an empty drink can into the air, and the shootout takes place over several minutes as the can falls to the floor in slow motion just seconds after the final bullet is fired.

The action is clear and coherent, the story isn’t always so clear. This actually helps the film’s dreamlike feel, so if you just watch it for the characters and for the action, the weird, twisty-turny story won’t infringe upon your enjoyment of the film and what it really does have to offer the viewer.

The genre of Heroic Bloodshed was defined by angry violence, often showing one man up against an army as a parallel to the independent people of Hong Kong and their anger against the Communist China. After Woo and Lam went to Hollywood, Johnnie To stayed behind and redefined the genre on his own terms, turning it into something a little less vitriolic.

Exiled is a rare action film, and certainly one to see if you want something a little different than the usual shaky-cam shootout flick. It’s really a refreshing breath of fresh air if you’re sick and tired of not being able to tell who’s shooting who and how the heck that guy got on the roof. Definitely a change of pace.

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