Could He Be Both – A Charismatic Player Or The Iron Man?

Those who have seen the first installment might have noticed that, while the movie was excellently-written and acted, it kind-of-suffered during its climax because of some weak action. Well, this certainly isn’t the problem here, since Iron Man 2 provides with some of the best action you’ll see this year.

Unlike, you know, a film like Transformers 2, the machine-on- machine battles in Iron Man 2 are actually exciting and tense because we know there are people behind those suits; because those people have been well-developed throughout two movies, and because Favreau, unlike Michael Bay, doesn’t feel the need to shake the camera as much as possible and cutting every millisecond while shooting an action sequence.

This time around, Stark is dying – the substance that makes the suit work and keeps him alive is actually killing him – and Downey Jr. now portrays Stark not only as a charismatic playboy, but also as a somewhat deeper character, who resorts to alcoholism because of all his problems. Performances, much like in the previous film, are absolutely perfect. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, there is no doubt about it, and even in the film’s weakest scenes – which are very few, Downey makes the movie work.

This is for the better, I believe – even more problems and another sub-plot would have only hurt the film, and I’m sure the filmmakers will be able to explore this characteristic of Tony Stark in a deeper manner in subsequent films. The alcoholism is not the main point of the film, though – it certainly is addressed, but it’s something that gets dismissed rather quickly.

Don Cheadle, who replaces Terrence Howard from the 1st Iron Man movie, is effective as Jim or James Rhodes. (He’s even got some great one-liners). Gwyneth Paltrow returns as Pepper Potts, and her relationship with Tony manages to move forward a little.

There is a great on screen chemistry between the two of them, and they’ve got some great scenes together. Mickey Rourke is just phenomenal as Ivan Vanko – the majority of his dialogue is in Russian, and although he isn’t precisely three- dimensional, we know just enough about the characters for him to remain both a little mysterious and intimidating.

Sam Rockwell is also delightful as Justin Hammer – a very coward and unlikeable characters, that’s for sure, but Rockwell manages not to turn him into a caricature. Scarlett Johansson, on the other hand, is just superb as agent Natasha Romanoff.

With this part not only does she prove that she’s the sexiest, most beautiful actress alive – one just has to hear men’s reaction in the theater whenever she appeared on- screen -, but also that she may be able to hand an entire action film by herself. It’s got some amazing special effects, interesting and believable characters, great performances, a complex but effective plot and it even works as a set up for a bigger universe of superheroes.

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