The World’s Least Stylish Male Celebs!

It would seem safe to assume that male celebrities, with their access to stylists and vast wardrobes, would be capable of putting together a half decent outfit. There are famous men who make looking dapper appear effortless: step forward George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Shia Labeouf. Unfortunately, they are matched by a band of guys who, either try to hard, or not at all.

A prime example has to be Kanye West. It’s not that he doesn’t attempt to be fashionable, he just takes it to beyond the extremes of good taste. Unless he is auditioning as a backing singing for Bjork, then his predilection for unusual accessories is seriously overdone. He needs to learn that one or two unusual additions, rather than a closet full, are sufficient to create a balanced outfit. Justin Bieber’s similar problems with accessorising indicate that this is an area men find tricky. Bieber needs to ditch his obsession for baseball hats, as generally these don’t work for anyone over the age of ten.

Another culprit for the fashion police has to be Russell Brand. Trousers that skinny really should not be seen on a man, particularly when paired with ruffled tops or vests and too much bare chest. Brand takes the ‘New Romantic’ look to extremes and, in contrast to the easy vest wearing style of Shia Labeouf, his tendency to expose his chest speaks only of self-vanity. Strangely, Brand’s clothes are rather similar to the costumes of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow,’ which Johnny Depp carries off with such flair in Pirates of the Caribbean. However, Depp looks great because he is meant to look like a pirate, he’s not adopting the costume as an everyday style!

However, our male celebrities don’ t even have to be experimenting with risky ensembles to commit fashion gaffs. It is perhaps easier to forgive bad dressing when the individual is at least trying to do something a little different, but when a man cannot even get the basics right, then it is time to send in the fashion police. With his high waisted trousers and stacked shoes, Simon Cowell is a regular offender. (I also have a problem with his predilection for wearing pullovers, with nothing underneath, regardless of the weather. Does this man not sweat?)

Similarly, in his early years, Blair demonstrated how wrong you can go with a simple suit and tie. His dweeb glasses and lurid ties gave him the moniker “Brains,” after the nerdy Thunderbirds puppet. He could have done with Obama’s fashion advisor who had, the now President, looking dapper in Hartmarx suits from the very advent of his electoral campaign.

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