The Steps On How To Tie Turban For Women

The first thing to do when learning how to tie turban for women is to take the garment and open it out then fold it. This should be done at a point approximately half of its entire length. Once you have done this put it on your head anywhere near the center. There is usually about 75cms left hanging in one side and 65cms on the other side of the head.

The method that you use should keep the head under the scarf from the back up to the front completely covered. Once this is achieved then adjust the scarf by twisting it until a clear outline is created on the ears. This way the ears will remain hidden.

The following step involves making the two ends to cross each other at the back part of your head. As you perform this make sure that the head is covered from the back with the other end coming right in front of you. Depending on your preferences you can have that end just go down, do more twisting or adjust it accordingly. A back view mirror can be very helpful when trying to do this.

When you are happy with the work so far then proceed to tie the scarf in circles covering the head. Just before you run out of material use the remaining portion to tie a simple knot. The knot should not be anything complicated since it is only meant to hold the whole cloth in place. It is always a good idea to have to knot located to the side than on the top of your head since that way you will look more attractive.

Leave your arms to rest for a moment since the scarf should not move once your let go. You can make adjustments by tucking in the parts of the scarf that are still hanging. However, this is not necessary if everything seems to be in place.

Taking the ends adjust them to make the garment fit tightly around the head. The best thing about using a garment made of cotton is that they usually do not require to be tightened since they always stay in place. The left hand comes above the right hand to make a reef knot that is secure to finish it all.

The end of the wraps can be made even more attractive simply by tucking them into the wraps. In case you think this might be difficult then go for the pleated fabrics that make it simpler. You will now get the look that everybody desires.

Most people find this difficult to do for the first time and might get discouraged. However, this will become easier when practiced more often. After several trials then you can be sure of knowing how to tie turban for women. There are a number of colors that you can choose from to wear to certain occasions depending on your taste. You will be able to have different looks using the diverse styles that exist. Making the garment crinkly is done by twisting it when it is wet and then leaving it out to dry.

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