Male Celebrities and Fashion

The risk of being a popular movie star is being caught in your worse wardrobe design on the red carpet or in your terrible casuals by the paparazzi. The sign of a movie star with fashion sense is one who looks good on and off screen, at the Oscar awards and at the petrol station for a quick fill up. No matter the occasion, these stars are always dressed to impress:

Daniel Craig wowed us with his James Bond acting and his ability to pull off a great suit on and off the stage. He has a natural talent for matching luxury suits with causal t-shirts. Daniel Craig matches up to his James Bond character with neatly combed hair, a stylish jacket or two and expensive shows to match.

Of course, no list would be complete with George Clooney. He’s the king of “oh, this old thing?” and pulls off the classical casual style with expensive and mediocre gear. For years George Clooney has been the leader of the ‘fashionable casual’, long before it was the standard dress sense of movie stars.

The Pirates of the Carribean Legend, Johnny Depp, has long had a reputation for style. Unlike other male movie stars Johnny Depp isn’t afraid to douse himself in scarves, hats, bracelets and necklaces. So far he has never had a boring appearance, wowing us with a variety of colours and wardrobes each time. Despite the majority of movie stars going for the ‘casual’ look, Johnny Depp has often been described to have a ‘Bohemian’ sense of fashion.

Hugh Jackman isn’t the first person to pop into mind when thinking about the best dressed movie stars. However, his talent for pulling off extremely casual looks is unbeatable. He’s clean shaven and, despite being seen often in jeans and t-shirts, pulls off a well-styled causal look wherever he goes.

Jude Law has a preppy kind of look about him that works particular great all around. He’s normally dressed in sweaters or shirts, accompanied with nearly groomed hair with absolute attention to detail. His look is the ‘stylish rough’ look all men desire – a natural fashion sense. Despite paying attention to every detail, Jude Law still looks like he just rolled out of best with that great hair style and clothes.

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