Hollywood Hair

If you like following celebrity trends, you’ll already know that the big hairstyle in Hollywood right now is the close shaven look. Men are opting out of elaborate locks which require stylists, mousse and effort and embracing a low maintenance new trend.

Barack Obama is the most high profile man to sport the look. Celebrities like Matthew Fox and David Beckham are also fans of the super shaven look and are influencing many young men. Even Britney Spears wanted a piece of the action, when in 2007 she shaved off all of her hair.

The beauty of electric hair clippers is that they can be used at home an unlimited number of times. They cut out expensive and time-consuming trips to the barbers and allow you to achieve the same high quality results. Amateur clippers can be bought in the shops or from online retailers for inexpensive prices. This includes varying clipper attachments which are used to control the length of your cut. For a close shave you should turn your clipper attachment to Number 1.

The close shaved, cropped or skinhead hairstyle has a long and chequered history but in 2010 the hairstyle is thriving. The “buzzed” hair cut is no longer associated with the working class but people from all walks of life. It’s also has a seemingly limitless celebrity following. Justin Timberlake is just one of the examples of celebrities who have played their part in making shaved hair mainstream again.

The perception of the shaved hair style has irrevocably changed. Men with shaved hair are viewed as attractive and even sexy by many women. For others, the attraction is simply the convenience of a DIY haircut which requires very little maintenance.

Whatever their motivations, more men than ever are adopting the “buzzed” look, and the trend is set to continue well into the future.

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