Best Dressed Female Celeb Pop Stars

The whole world of pop star depends on their performance, personality and their style. It’s not just about the voice anymore; we’re all interested in the latest gossip on a star’s latest fashion, it’s everyone’s business nowadays. Fortunately, there are a few female pop stars in today’s world that make up the handful of outrageous fashion disasters of the rest.

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl is today’s fashion diva. After years of looking like the hard-faced teenage girl band singer, Cheryl has emerged as one of the most well-dressed and stylish fashion icons in the singing world. Her passion for fashion extends not only to her appearances out and about but her music videos, which feature some of the most well-thought of outfits around. It’s even safe to say Cheryl Cole is perhaps the best dressed female pop star today.

Dannii Minogue
Dannii is another star who has seen a turbulent wardrobe in the past but has come on top in recent years. She matches her elegance and beauty perfectly with long dresses for special evenings and events, or a unique outfit for a live show. She normally rolls out in something that always looks good, no matter the occasion.

Rihanna is a singer that really knows how to dress to impress. Like most of our top female pop stars she’s known to wear an elegant and flowing dress at important events, or an absolutely daring jumpsuit for her latest music video. Rhianna really knows how to cross the line between sexy and daring with style; her innovative fashion sense never grows old.

Lady Gaga – The Marmite Pop Star
In her short career Lady Gaga has made some horrendous fashion mishaps, but she’s earned a dedicated spot on any list for her effort and creativity. She has a new outfit for every half hour of the day with a great creative (and insane) twist to them – you either love it or hate it! Lady Gaga’s ultimate creativity is near impossible to copy and you should see the people who try. Her unique and exclusive sense of style is something many pop stars wish they had; despite the terrible outfits, Lady Gaga is due her fashion medals.

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